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About Categories

About iPayrr Categories


iPayrr offers an appropriate platform to both the buyers and sellers for advertising micro businesses and assist in reaching out to their prospective customers.

Astrology & Numerology:

All kinds of services, information and latest updates on astrology and numerology are available with us.

Audio & Music:

Includes information on Music albums, CDs, DVDs, recording software other such storage and transferring devices as well as other audio and music supplements.

Bizarre & Fun:

Anything that doesn’t fall into any of the categories can be put in within this section. In short if you have any weird buying and selling ideas then you can list it here. Hobby, collector’s delights, and any such out of the box ideas should come in here.

Business to Business:

This is strictly for B2B buyers and sellers implying that the transactions will be amongst the business owners such as wholesalers, manufacturers, suppliers, retailers and other such entrepreneurs.

Business to Consumers:

Here the supply chain members deal directly with the end consumers. This is the place where the distributors can list the products and services that they offer and the buyers can get in touch with them directly.


Consultation service providers and seekers, both can get in touch with each other directly through iPayrr.

The listing will also include independent consultants and consultancy agencies.

Digital Products:

This includes all categories of digitally operated products and allied services such as audios, scripts, videos, software, radio etc.


Video and computer games of all sorts will be listed under this segment. Both the buyer and the seller will be able to get a complete idea about the entire spectrum of gadgets and games.

Gifts & Presents:

Any type of gifts and presents like cards, music, creative arts, soft toys, jewelry, accessories.


Graphic designers, producers of graphic arts movies, software programmers and other professionals involved in graphics industry will be able to find the required product or service here.

Marketing & Sales:

This segment can give an opportunity to the qualified marketing and sales personnel to find a part time or home based job related to their specialization area. This apart, the commercial establishments looking to outsource their marketing and sales functions can also find the right taker.


Any kind of business idea that does not fit into a particular pre decided area can be listed here for both the buyer and the seller to take a look.

PLR Articles:

A complete catalogue of Private Label Rights articles can be found in our website.


This includes programmers, professional buyers and sellers of programmed software, trainers, training institutions etc.

Social Media Marketing:

This will include all the companies and independent professionals who provide social media marketing services to the clients. We can provide you with mileage in your desired social media.


This section will include all products and services related to technological products and services required.

Tech support providers, companies looking for such personnel and tech support advisers, all have been included here.

Teens Related:

Whether it is teenager related physical, physiological, psychological or any other social issue, the solution providers of all such problems will be listed for the service seekers. Information related Schooling, career, education providers will also be here.

Tips & Advice:

Tips and Advices related to health, finance, personal or love life, social life, workplace, etc.


This will include Video equipments, camera, electronic and other general use accessories, professional video makers, videographer services, etc.

Writing & Translation:

It includes all kinds of writing as well as translation services such as content writing, copy writing, classified writing and translation to and from any language at the best rates.

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