Now Contribute Tips/Bonus to iPayrr Quality Sellers

tips-bonusA quick update to all the sellers and buyers from the GigPayrr Development Team. We have integrated a new feature on order tracking page to contribute or accept Tips/Bonus from the satisfied buyers.

This option can be seen once the seller delivers the job to the buyer. A buyer can send a tip or bonus amount to the seller from $1 to $5. See the image below Continue reading

Buy YouTube Views for Viable Reasons – iPayrr

youtube-servicesFor being successful in this age of e-commerce it is important to make online marketing an effective publicity tool. A pre-requisite of becoming successful through online publicity is to have a site that is search engine optimized. Among all available search engines Google is perhaps the most trusted and popular one. Thus for inviting more Internet traffic it is imperative that your web page is Google friendly and achieves a sufficiently high rank. Continue reading

Get Freelance Software Programmers At a Never-Before Price at iPayrr

software-programmer It is never really easy to find a software programmer who is capable of taking care of all your development requirements and providing you with apt programming solutions. Moreover, hiring in-house programmers and a full time IT department for the purpose of software solutions can also prove to be quite expensive. Small business firms can be incapable of bearing such high expenses. But now there is some good news for them – you do not really need to worry as long as Gigpayrr is there. We can help you by offering effective services of certified programmers adept at web designing, programming and other software solutions at a price within your budget. Continue reading

Buying Tweets and its Significance – iPayrr

buy-tweetsInternet since its inception has undergone large scale changes. Website owners in an attempt to keep pace with these changing technologies and attributes are integrating newer features to their sites. Earlier web pages were more of a commercial tool meant for publicity and promoting business. Now the Internet is also used as a social networking medium where members might share opinions, images, and views. These sites have become so popular that even business organizations have enrolled for establishing direct contact with members and interact at a personal level. These sites also allow online publicity opportunities, so essential in today’s environment of global trade. Continue reading

Job Affiliate Feature Introduced – iPayrr

job-affiliate4 First time in the Micro Job Industry, GigPayrr announces its unique Job Affiliate Program exclusively introduced for Sellers.

Sellers now can offer Affiliate Commission for any job they create or created from the past.

Why Job Affiliate Program?

When you as a seller create any job, then you can create an opportunity for visitors and site members to promote your job on the internet and it will boost your sales and increase your job popularity across the domain. Continue reading

Promotional Videos as an Effective Marketing Tool for your Business at iPayrr

video-marketingIn an age when Internet has become the chief medium of communication, it is natural that business owners would use it for publicity. Producers and marketers of goods and services never had a better avenue for reaching out to millions of potential customers across continents and countries ever before. Of all available forms of advertising online marketing is supposedly most effective as it definitely reaches your target audience. And among different forms of online marketing techniques, promotional videos are preferred over others since videos have greater impact as compared to textual or graphical representations. Continue reading

Adopt A Smart Way of Creating and Marketing Your Website At

smart-way-of-marketing-websiteA website in this generation of online marketing and blogging creates infinite opportunities for both sellers and buyers. Online portals give opportunity of not only advertising for your product or services but also assist in finding resources at affordable rates. GigPayrr is one such portal that offers opportunities for both service or products sellers and consumers in an informal manner.

Here producers of goods and services interact Continue reading

Use WordPress, It Helps!

wordpress-servicesAre you launching a new business or a personal website? You can have a site up live within a few minutes if you get WordPress installed. It is popular open source blogging software which can be used for much more than just blogs. Once you get it installed, you can start adding content and create an effective Content Management System or CMS. It can be used for both personal and commercial websites, irrespective of the content you publish in it. It offers you several advantages if you wish to share your content with a wide range of audience. Continue reading

Micro Jobbing at iPayrr or Fiverr: Which One is Preferable?

gigpayrr-or-fiverrThe evolution in technology and the economical scenario is likely to have a considerable influence in our lifestyle. Owing to the competition in the field of regular jobs, more and more individuals are leaning towards self-employment. Self-employment is beneficial in the sense that you are your own boss, nobody can fire or lay you off and hence you are free from the fear of being jobless that often plays at the back of your mind when you work for someone else. In the past, self-employment required you to have a handsome capital and a good storefront but it is not the same today. Do you want to know how? Simple, all thanks to the World Wide Web. Continue reading