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FAQ Page

We have listed out few common frequently asked questions here. If you need more clarifications please do not hesitate to contact us or submit a ticket or find more faq.

FAQ for Sellers

FAQ Sellers

1. What is the payment procedure and how long will it take to get the cash withdrawal request cleared?

Sellers at iPayrr have the option of withdrawing their earned amount through Paypal or Alertpay and it takes approximately 72 hours to withdraw cash after the request has been placed.

2. How should I withdraw my earnings?

It's a simple procedure. Just go to the tab named "seller" and click on the link which shows "Revenues". The amount that is available to be withdrawn can be seen here. Next, click on the Withdraw Your Earnings tab and make your selection accordingly.

3. How do I sell my products/services? How do the users find my job?

There are a few points to remember before starting sell. Avoid asking personal details and offer services where you have ample experience in dealing and have the time and resources to do so. Be clear about your job descriptions and state special access permissions separately (if required). Order cancellation may be avoided by keeping them achievable and reasonable.

Once your job has been created, they are featured in the Home Page and Featured Status. To promote it further and improve your chances, you can use the social media to your benefit as well.

4. My Services or Products cost is more than $25, what should I do?

This is a micro market place hence we have restricted the base price up to $25. But we have also given the provision to make you sell above $25 priced Jobs. You can create such Jobs using "Allow users to order more than one" while creating a Job.

For Example: Your Job Price is $30. (You can create Job as the following)
Title: I will do something to get your website promote gloablly for $10
Description: I will blah blah... The total price of my service is $30, you need to order this Job 3 times or use the option to buy more than 1 and select 3 from it.
Tick the option of "Allow users to order more than one" while creating a Job and select 3 from the dropdown.

Thats how you can sell above $25 priced Jobs or services in iPayrr Marketplace. If you need more support, please submit a ticket and we will be happy to help you.

5. How should I prevent my Job from being rejected?

The best way to ensure that would be to adhere to the Terms of Service. At iPayrr there is an automatic filtration system at work as well that filters out any undesirable content.

6. How will I be notified if a buyer purchases my Job?

You will get a notification in your email account as soon as a buyer purchases your Job. Next, you need to ‘accept’ or ‘reject’ it accordingly to take the transaction further. Failure to respond to the mail within 72 hours will result in automatic cancellation of the order.

FAQ for Buyers

FAQ Buyer

1. How do I place/cancel an order?

Placing an order: First, select the job you want and then click on the ‘Order’ tab. This will take you to the payment options page where you can select a suitable payment option and make the purchase. After the payment has been cleared, you purchase order will be sent to the seller.

Cancelling an order: If you have accidently ordered a service, or do not wish to purchase it anymore, then you can cancel your order at any point of time. You just need to Go to your order page and then click on the "Cancel/Reject Order" link. Then, select the Request Order Cancellation tab. You order will be cancelled automatically after 2 days and your order amount will be credited to your account.

In case the seller rejects your order cancellation request you can contact us at our Support Center.

2. How should I be sure that I am getting what I am paying the seller for?

The best way to ensure this would be to maintain continuous communication with the seller throughout the process. You can send a response message to the service seller after you have made your payment. Following up on the order regularly is also important.

3. How should I go about rejecting an order that has already been delivered?

If the delivered product or service did not meet the Job's description then you can reject an order after it has been delivered as well. Follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Click “My Shopping Button” after you go to the Buyer tab.
  • Then, select the ordered Job from "Pending my Review" tab.
  • Next, you need to select the "Got Problems" button. Then click on Reject delivered Work followed by a reason for rejection.

The seller will now have to redeliver the work after working on the problem. Failure to respond on the seller's part will result in your amount being credited to your iPayrr account.

4. How is a dispute between buyer and seller settled?

Though we offer dispute settlement services at our Support Center, we suggest that any dispute is best settled between the buyer and the seller themselves without our involvement.

FAQ in general

1. What is a Job and what are the advantages of buying/selling Jobs at iPayrr?

Job implies buying or selling products or services. iPayrr has a transparent transaction and communication procedure, ensuring smooth purchase or sale. Jobs are offered at a fixed price here, convenient for both the parties.

2. Is registration necessary?

We have a simple registration process in place. It is imperative that to buy or sell at iPayrr, the users should have registered accounts and logged in. While browsing through the Jobs can be done without registration, logging in is required to be able to contact the buyer or seller.

3. Is it possible to register in more than one account?

Registration under more than one account for a person results in permanent banning of your account as we allow only one account per buyer/seller.

4. What is the next step after registration?

After you are registered with us, you need to send an email address verification mail. After this you will receive a confirmation mail from our end. If the verification mail is not there in your inbox it may have been transferred to spam folder. To be able to post your Jobs you need to verify your email id at the earliest.

5. What do I do if I cannot remember my password?

You need to select the "forgot password" link, which you will find to the right of the log in space. You will receive a new password in your email id.

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