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How to Sell Jobs?

How to Sell Jobs?

Selling Jobs at is an easy task once you understand the simple aspects which are necessary as mentioned below.

  • Register for an Account for FREE.
  • Get your Email verified and get full access to the site.
  • Set up your Profile with the all the information and let buyer know you and take seriously.
  • Click on the Start Selling or Create a Job from the Top Navigation Menu.
  • You will be landed on Job Creation Page, First and foremost thing is Read Submission Guidelines.
  • Following the guidelines, create an interesting and unique Job to attract more visitors.
  • Include attractive Images, Videos and Content only related to your Job.

Post Submissoin

Once you submit the Job, sit back and relax, let our moderation team review your Job.
  • Once your Job is approved, we have offered various types of promotions within the
    • Send Invites: You can send invites to your email contact list. Click on send invites to buy from your detailed Job page and select you email provider list such as Gmail, Rediffmail, etc., and import the contacts and send out the invites to all your contact list at once.
    • Push to Top: This feature is enabled for all the sellers. You can go to detailed Job page of yours and click on Push to Top link everyday and bring your Job on the top of the page on the main page that is where most buyers lands or visit that page very often.
    • We Promote: We submit your Job on our social networks such as Twitter, Google+, Facebook, Pinit, Linkedin, etc., to get you more mileage. And also, we promote our site on various sites by advertising banner ads, contextual links, search engine optimization, directory submissions, RSS feed submissions, etc.,
    • You Promote: You can also submit your Jobs to all your social networking sites and get more mileage out of it.

Order Processing Details

Once the buyer gets to know your Job and converse or buys your Job.
  • When buyer contacts you for clarification, always give genuine and prompt replies.
  • When the buyer orders and furnish the required details as per your instructions, we will send you an email to your registered email address.
  • You can login to your account and go to Active Orders from Manage Sales link.
  • Check all the required details exists and process the order.
  • Always deliver before your deadline. This increase your reputation on our site and you will be entitled for other benefits.
  • After the delivery, ask buyers to leave a feedback and increase your seller reputation.
  • Once the order is complete, your earned money will be ready for withdrawal as per the withdrawal deadline.
  • Enjoy your Earned Revenue and create more innovative Jobs and make the best out of it. We wish you the best of the best.

Join us and sell your micro jobs or if you are looking for a Jobs to buy in your interest, then buy some Jobs.

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