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How to Use Emoticons at iPayrr?

You can use the following Emoticons while posting feedback or comments. Use the following shortcode to display Emoticons with in your comment.


Emoticon NameShotcode 1Shotcode 2
Emoticon Smile :-) :)
Emoticon Thinking :? :-?
Emoticon Happy (happy) (HAPPY)
Emoticon Wink ;-) ;)
Emoticon Cool 8) 8|
Emoticon Angry X-( X(
Emoticon Clapping =D> =D->
Emoticon Angel O:) O:-)
Emoticon Yes / Thumbs Up (Y) (ok)
Emoticon No / Thumbs Down (n) (N)
Emoticon Star (*) (**)
Emoticon Worried :S :-S
Emoticon Crying ;( ;-(
Emoticon Fingers Crossed (yn) (fingers)
Emoticon High Five (h5) (hi5)

You are free to use the above Emoticons in your feedback and comments.

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