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Hello Guest!

This seller is promoting job through Affiliate Program. Promote this job and earn $ Affiliate Commission per sale.

You can use this url, to get your affiliate link url which contains your username in it, so dont forget to tell your folks to use below mentioned affiliate url to buy and you could earn as much as money from this job.

What are you waiting for?

Start using in your Email signature and share it on social media sites or if you know someone who wants this kind of job to be done and that too, at so cheaper price, then use this opprtunity to help your friend and earn yourself.

Once you Sign up, You get your Affiliate URL as below with your username

Affiliate Url:

Good Luck
iPayrr Team

Affiliate Commission by

is offering $ Affiliate Commission per Sale.

Your Affiliate URL:

Few General Important Points

Every Seller on is free to offer Affiliate commission to promote seller's job and pay the affiliate peers. At the time of creating the job, a seller creates commission to pay affiliates.

You, as an affiliate, always can discuss with seller for more information if you require any further clarifications before getting into promotion.

Seller cannot change the affiliate commission once set for a particular job.

How can you promote and earn affiliate commission?

  • You can use various mediums to promote jobs, for example, you can publish it on your blogs, website, etc., You can also keep sharing on facebook, keep tweeting on twitter about this job with your affiliate url.
  • You can also email your friends and peers to create awareness of this job and give them your affiliate url to buy your affiliated job.
  • Write Articles and Blog posts about this job and use your affiliate url in the signature link.
  • Participate in the forums like digital point, warrior forums, etc., and suggest this job with your affiliate url who are looking for similar stuff.
  • Participate in the Question & Answers sites like Yahoo Answers, Stackexchnage, etc., and suggest this job with your affiliate url who are looking for similar stuff.

When Do I Get Affiliate Commission?

Your Affiliate Commission would be paid exactly when seller gets paid. As soon as the job is delivered by seller, it usually takes 14 days to get the waiting period to get over and then the seller's payment gets cleared. As soon as the seller payment is cleared for withdrawal, then your commission will automatically be added to your Account Balance.

Brief Terms And Conditions for Job Affiliate Program

  • You need to be a registered member at iPayrr to promote as an Affiliate.
  • Buyer has to use the complete affiliate url at the time of buying, if that gets missed then the system wont be able to recognize.
  • There has to be a minimum payout of $1 to withdraw to your payment gateway.
  • Gateway Fee or Transaction Fee of min 2% will be deducted based upon your preferred gateway to withdraw.
  • The sale has to be completed between the buyer and seller and also payment waiting period has to get over for seller in order to see your earned commission in your iPayrr Account Balance.
  • We will not be responsible if a seller removes or withdraw commission for any specific job at any given point of time.
  • You will be entitled for commission if affiliate program is active during the sale transactions.
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