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Last Updated on Saturday, 21st of January 2013

1] The squashed version is one of the most genuine and trustworthy websites that offer you a chance to sell everything that you do best. Any service offered through our website is termed as a ‘Job’ which comes at a fixed price rate of $5, $10, $15, $20 and $25. A seller on our website enjoys the privilege of gaining an account status on the basis of their activity, performance and reputation. These account statuses are called ‘levels’ while the highest level awards the seller a status of the "Top Rated Seller". The status of a seller determines whether he/she may offer additional upgrades to his/her Jobs or sell the Jobs in multiple. We allow only registered users to conduct transactions through our website...and what’s more? the registration is absolutely free!

Besides being a safe and trusted platform for sellers to offer Jobs, also maintains high standards of quality measures for the buyers. This is why we insist that all sellers (along with the top rated sellers) must complete all their orders and must refrain themselves from cancelling orders deliberately. Users must order Jobs by the means of the 'Order Now' button. Also users may choose to accept or offer payments simply by placing an order through over any other method. All rights for the services delivered are granted to the buyers in case not specified by the seller in the Job description. How do you know a Job is on offer?... every time you see "I will __ for $5/$10/$15/$20/$25 ", it indicates that the Job is being offered by the seller for a fixed rate of $5/$10/$15/$20/$25.

2] Sellers Terms & Conditions

2.1] Basics

For every Job that you sell for each of the specified amount ($5, $10, $15, $20 and $25) and complete the order successfully, your account gets credited with the net income of $4, $8, $12, $16 and $20 respectively.

For orders in advance, the buyers pay directly to and only when an order is fully delivered that the website credits the sellers.

In case sellers choose to opt for transactions through PayPal or Payza account as per their choice, they must adhere to the terms specified below.

When an order is cancelled (for any reason whatsoever), the buyer receives a complete refund deducted from the seller's revenue.

The sellers receive their ratings on the basis of buyers' feedback, total orders cancelled and the number of late deliveries.

2.2] Seller Statuses

Aiming to enable the sellers to make the most of their skills, motivates the top performers by providing them with tools to extend the range of their business. Therefore, shows how the platform it offers can become a primary and quite a viable mode of earning. However, the success mantra lies in a consistent advertisement of one’s skills and gaining special benefits and tools by maintaining top quality, timely delivery and thereby attaining higher ratings.

2.3] Levels

Levels (in the increasing order) in refer to account statuses of the sellers on the basis of their activity, performance and popularity among the buyers. Every level comes with further opportunities to take your business to new heights and helps you to unlock new tools and advantages for enhanced benefits. Nevertheless, a seller at a higher level or a top performer must maintain their standards of service in order to retain a higher rating and status.

For each seller, the levels and the seller statuses are determined regularly by a fully automated system. While achieving customer satisfaction through high quality and timely deliveries result in higher levels and new options for business expansion, factors like repeated cancellation of orders, deterioration in quality and failing to deliver on time accounts for a decline in levels and triggers negative impact on a seller’s status. More information about Seller Statuses.

2.4] Top Rated Sellers chooses its top rated sellers with much care and deliberation. Our website moderators pick out the top performers from a list of sellers in the highest level by considering certain important criteria such as sales volume, seniority, ratings, customer care and community leadership.

Our top rated sellers are provided with the advantage of a wide range of advanced features which includes special access to VP support and beta features. More information about Seller Statuses.

2.5] Handling Orders

When a seller’s Job is ordered by a buyer, he/she gets informed on his/her account and also through an email. It is obligatory for the buyers to deliver the orders in the specified period of time, otherwise it might allow the buyer to cancel the order and will consequently decrease the rating of the seller.

When both the parties, i.e., buyers and sellers cancel an order by mutual agreement, none of the parties are adversely affected.

Any mutual cancellation request that is left unattended shall be accepted automatically after 48 hours. This will drop the rating of the non-responding user.

Cancelling an order at any given time is at the sole discretion of the seller, which however, would lead to a decrease in the seller’s rating.

2.6] Staying Out of Troubled Waters

With the aim of ensuring users’ privacy, we insist that the user identities be kept anon. We do not permit the exchange of email address, IM/Skype usernames or other personal contact details apart from the name of the user.

We maintain that any type of communication and exchange of information and files should be carried out only and only by using messaging system.

We strictly prohibit the exchange of any inappropriate content whatsoever (this includes copyright protected, spam, promotional, violent, abusive, illegal, adult etc.) failing which shall direct us to block the user account permanently.

2.7] Work Delivery & Communications

The sellers are required to deliver the specific services and/or any proof of it by using the "Deliver Completed Work" tab which can be found in the 'Order Page'. After the delivery of service is successfully completed, the buyers are required to respond within three days. After three days, the service will be considered to be delivered and the order complete.

It must be borne in mind that it is the sole responsibility of the user to scan all files for virus and malware. is, in no way, liable for any damage arising out of site usage, use of content and files transferred.

2.8] Withdrawing Revenues

For the purpose of collecting your revenues, you must have a valid PayPal/Payza account. It must also be ensured that prior to withdrawing the revenue, your PayPal/Payza account is able to receive the incoming payments. One user profile on can be coupled with only a single PayPal/Payza account and this is something permanent and unchangeable.

Your revenues can be withdrawn only after a safety clearance period of 14 days. It must be mentioned here that PayPal/Payza charges 2% of the total withdrawal amount and when withdrawing revenue, it charges up to a maximum of $1. Therefore it is advisable that in order to save money, you draw an amount of $50 or more at once.

Payment Gateway Fee

Sellers can withdraw their earning through Paypal/Payza and the fee will be levied and deducted automatically at the time of payout. The Gateway Fee as follow;

Paypal Fee: 2% on Withdrawal Amount.

Payza Fee: 3.5% on Withdrawal Amount.

Bank's NEFT Transfer Fee within India: INR 112.36 on Withdrawal Amount.

This will be implied on the new orders generated on or after 21st January 2013 and respective gateway fee will be deducted at the time of payout.

2.9] Posting New Jobs

You have to abide and follow Submission Guidelines before posting a new Job. You should not post any irrelevant or Adult related Jobs. Failing which we may have to ban your account permanently.

Always Write Unqiue Title and Description while creating a new Job. This helps you get visitors from search engines too. Our Site Moderators have all the rights to change or delete unwanted / unnecessary words or letters or even delete the entire content from our site.

2.10] Withdrawal Terms to Indian Sellers

Since Paypal does not allow domestic payments, would not be able make payments to the sellers through Paypal, we request and recommend to sign up for Payza Account or you can also give us your Moneybookers Account only for withdrawal purposes. Note: This is only for Indian Resident Sellers.

2.11] Late Delivery and Account Suspension

We have included an automated system where in the system checks the delivery period and if it is later than 7 days, then the warning alert will be sent to the seller's registered email and the account will be suspended automatically. This is only to protect the buyer's confidence on Meantime, Buyer's order will be cancelled and the purchased funds will be refunded to the buyer's Account Balance automatically.

3] Buyers Terms & Conditions

3.1] Ordering Jobs

For buying Jobs either of the three options viz. a Credit Card, PayPal and Payza may be used. The order will be placed only when the payment is confirmed. Any positive balance of $5 or more left over from the current payment shall be automatically used for the next order considering it is adequate for the next order.

On the identity of the buyers remains undisclosed on all occasions in order to safeguard their privacy. Therefore, we advise against any exchange of Email addresses, Skype/IM usernames or any other personal contact details.

As for the payment, the buyers are required to pay through as opposed to other modes of payment. It must be noted here that the buyers are not permitted to pay other users directly through their PayPal/Payza account. However, if the buyers are asked to use a different method for payment, please notify us immediately here.

In case of filing a dispute or reversal of payment, the buyers are advised to avoid using their accounts in PayPal, Payza or bank, otherwise it may lead to their account getting blocked. If any problem arises regarding the services, it is advisable to sort things out with the concerned seller. However, for any further help, connect to our customer support here.

Our customer support may carry out any suitable cancellation of order within duration of 10 days from the date of order completion. No order can be cancelled after this period.

3.2] Reviewing Delivered Orders

When a Job is processed and delivered, You have 72 hours of time (3 Full Days) to review order manually, that is Approve or Reject.

If you do not review (i.e. approve or reject) a Job presented to you, within 72 hours, the job will be auto-approved and you will be charged the price of the job. It is critical that you review any job submitted to you within 72 hours to prevent auto-approval. When you approve, you will be charged for the price of the Job. If you reject, your Job will be informed to the seller about your rejection and you both mutually can cancel or rework on the given order. You will never have to pay if job is not up to your satisfactory level.

3.3] Instant Deliverable Jobs offers certain services that can be delivered instantly through a web URL or downloadable digital product. If you are opting for this Instant Deliverable Job / Job, we recommend you to speak to the Seller and clarify everything before you order this kind job. Once an order is placed, you shall not cancel or reject the order only in the case of Jobs/Gigs which are marked as Instant. will not refund or accept rejections.

3.4] Shipping offers certain services that can be delivered physically such as art, craft, antique and collectible items. For any delivery of this kind, the sellers may charge additionally for the shipping costs, either domestic or international.

Important Note:

For every physically delivered Job, the buyer must provide a shipping address after which the Seller will be responsible for all shipping arrangements. is not involved with and does not guarantee shipping, tracking, quality and condition of items or their delivery and shall not be held accountable for any damages or other difficulties caused, directly or indirectly, from the delivered items and their shipping. The best way to avoid any shipping related dispute is the tracking number. This is why we insist on entering the tracking number (if available) in the order page during the delivery of service.

3.5] Payment Terms to Indian Buyers

Since Paypal does not allow domestic payments, would not be able accept payments from the buyers through Paypal, we request and recommend to sign up for Payza Account and make the payment for your purchases. For more info, please contact here. Note: This is only for Indian Resident Buyers.

3.6] Late Order Delivery

We take all precautions and avoid any inconvenience to all our Buyers. If in any case, seller shall not deliver your order on the committed date + 7 days (grace period), our automated system will cancel the order and refunds the purcahsed funds to your Account Balance. Seller will be suspended on our site, if a seller is not able to deliver the job more than 7 days as per the completion days mentioned while creating the job.

3.7] Orders From Similar Sites Like

We do not allow similar sites like orders on our site, If an order is placed for similar sites then it will be considered purely spamming and order will be cancelled with out any notice and will forfeit the amount paid by the buyer. Trying to promote similar sites like is strictly not allowed and if found severe actions will be taken. Any relevant orders' funds will be strictly non-refundable and the account will be banned permanently.

4] General Terms & Conditions

Any violation of terms and conditions specified by shall invariably lead to the account of the user concerned being blocked permanently. The revenues from such blocked accounts can be withdrawn only after a security period of 45 to 90 days, considering the cause of blockage, from day of last cleared payment received in their account. However, has the last word and everything depends on its approval. has the sole authority to put an account on hold or cancel them permanently because of misconduct. Users having accounts kept on hold would be barred from selling or buying on may change its Terms & Conditions from time to time. While these changes are made, will provide a new copy of the Terms & Conditions at

If you use after the date on which the Terms & Conditions have been amended, it is understood that you accept and agree to the updated policies.

If any similar sites like sends out the Private Message in order to promote their individual site on is strictly not allowed in and the account will be banned permanently and any account balance will be forfeited with out any notice.

5] Disputes

Any dispute should be resolved with the use of the dispute resolution tools ('Got Problems?' in the order page) or by contacting our customer support cell. It is however, advisable for the conflicting parties (the buyer and the seller) to sort out the differences and settle the dispute mutually. Nevertheless, if this does not work, users may connect to the customer support department for further assistance here. will not pay back the money for cancelled orders to PayPal/Payza. Any order refund is returned to the buyer's account balance and can be used for future purchases on

6] Legal Facts about Ownership and Limitations

On the delivery of the services or the items (as per the Job type), the buyer stands to claim all intellectual property rights, including but not limited to, copyrights for the Job delivered from the seller while the seller relinquishes any and all moral rights therein. In case of delivery of any custom created service (art and crafts, design works etc.), it shall become an exclusive property of the buyer. The seller agrees to hand over to the buyer the copyrights of the delivered services and items which do not adhere to the requisites of a work-for-hire under the U.S. Copyright Act. Additionally, independent of the U.S. Copyright Act, the seller agrees that unless he stated otherwise in the Job description, after the order is completed and delivered, the seller grants the buyer, the fullest of its rights, title and interest, if any.

On the other hand, simply by offering a service, a seller declares that he/she is authorized to sell or resell the offered service at their own wish.

For securing the privacy of both the parties, the sellers must assure that any information whatsoever provided by the buyer during the purchase shall be restricted only to the delivery of the Job and for no other purpose.

It must also be understood that while becoming members, the users be in agreement that until they clearly express otherwise, any content made or uploaded on such as videos, photos, Job texts, usernames or any more information can be utilised by us for promotional or other purposes.

Please note that any content on is based on User Generated Content (UGC). does not monitor the content uploaded or created by the users for violations of copyrights, trademarks or any other rights. We request everyone to notify any suspected violations together with the proof of ownership. The informed violating content will be duly removed.

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